Where is Room to Spare Storage located? Look for our facility at 151 Wade Road in Latham, NY. Come and check us out!
Are you close to downtown Latham, NY? We sure are. Our compound is just under 3 miles from downtown Latham. That’s only an 8-minute drive via Old Loudon Rd and NY-155 W.
Do you serve any other neighborhoods? Absolutely. Thanks to our unbeatable location and access times, we’re also the number one choice throughout Newtonville, Loudonville, Colonie, Albany, Schenectady, Niskayuna, Guilderland, and Watervliet.
When are you open for access? Great news! Our facility is open for access 24 hours a day.

Do you have climate-controlled options?
That’s right. Our climate-controlled storage units not only maintain the ideal temperature but also the perfect dryness to ensure the condition of your stored belongings.
Is your facility manned? It is. In fact, our manager lives onsite for extra security. Why don’t you come and meet our team?
Is drive-up access available? It is. Simply drive right up to your unit and park directly outside.
What security features do you have? Our manned facility includes perimeter fencing, gated access, and state-of-the-art surveillance cameras.
Do you offer vehicle parking? Uncovered outdoor vehicle parking is available. Hands down, it’s the most affordable way to keep your ride off the streets.
What if I’m storing large or heavy items? No problem! Just borrow our handcarts for free.
Can I pay my bills online? Absolutely. It’s never been easier to keep up to date with your rent.